Today is March 1st. This day is significant because it’s the day graduate acceptances come through. I remember when I was contemplating on even applying. I had my mind set on CSUDH since it was close to home and affordable. I basically didnt even bother with other schools even UCLA’s program since I was so set in CSUDH. Then they canceled the masters program  due to the budget. It was then I decided to apply to UCLA and fight to get my classes approved (social science classes no biggy) I asked for 3 letter of recs one for a md at work who teaches at ucla, one from my cousin in law a mental health clinician, and one professor from csulb hca internship program. I still feel uneasy. 

I recently went on a job interview at ucla for a research associate position and I didnt get it. I felt so confident and I was so sure I would get it. And of course it didn’t happen. That’s why I am not sure if I will get in.  I have a back up plan if I dont get in I will try to look for another job.